OBG Nursing Lab

OBG Nursing( MIDWIFERY ) Lab

The OBG Lab ensures effective and efficient services to our student community and enable them to function as educators, managers and researchers in the field of maternity nursing.The Lab is well equipped with Birthing Simulators, Pelvis, Fetal Skull, Various Obstetrical Instruments, different kinds of Models etc. The stages of Labour is demonstrated to the students with the help of Birth Demo model.The lab provides students with a realistic, simulated clinical environment to practice and demonstrate competency of selected obstetric skills. These help the students to acquire Knowledge & skill in mother & New born care that are to be practiced in clinical settings.

1.Advanced Abdominal Palpation &Delivery Mechanism Simulator .
2.Breast Structure And Examination Model,
3.Uterus In Section Showing Fertilization,
4.Vulva Suturing Training Simulator And IUD Training Stimulator
5.Female Dummy
6.Birth Demo Model
7.Delivery Dummy
8.Standing Pelvis With Foetal Skull
9.Female Pelvis
10.Female Pelvis With Internal Organ
11.Gestational Age Female Uterus
12.Foetal Development Model
13.Special Instruments Used In Obstetrics And Gynaecology
14.Types Of Forceps
15.Ventouse Extraction
16.Dilators of various size
17.Foetal Skull

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