Child Health Nursing Lab

Child Health Nursing ( PEDIATRIC ) Lab

Pediatric Nursing laboratory is designed to help the students to develop an understanding of the modern approach to the child care. This lab provides strong foundations for handling the newborns and children with the help of manikins. This lab is equipped with the Pediatric CPR manikins, Pediatric Procedure manikin with all orifices, Baby dolls Infantometer, Weighing machine, Oxygen hood, Pediatric stethoscope &BP Apparatus with Pediatric Cuff, lot of play materials, various models and adequate articles and equipments to demonstrate the procedures to the students. It helps to develop skill in carrying out and assisting various pediatric procedures in clinical settings and community settings.

1Infant CPR manikin
2Advanced multifunctional child nursing manikin
3Infant dummy
4Surgical instruments
5Child BP apparatus
6Laryngo scope
8Oxygen hood
10Weighing scale
11Play material
12Educational materials
13Articles for nursing procedures

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